Suggsville, AL Train Wreck, Dec 1906



Freight Train Crashed Into Work Care on Siding at Suggsville – Injuries of Two May Prove Fatal.

Advertiser Bureau, Selma, Dec. 3.

At Suggsville, about eighty miles south of here on the Mobile division of the Southern Railway, at 4 o’clock this morning a rear-end collision which may result in the death of two popular railroad men of this city occurred.

The collision was between a southbound freight train, which ran into and smashed up the caboose of the work train which was in the siding at Suggsville.

The injured are Conductor John Cobb, Engineer Lawrence Moore and Flagman Ed Vasser of the work train. At the time of the collision the three injured men were asleep in the caboose of the work train.

Conductor Cobb had his left ankle broken and also received injuries upon the head which may prove fatal.

Engineer Moore had his left leg badly injured and mashed between the ankle and the amputation of his foot will be necessary, it is thought. He also received injuries about the head which may cause his death. The extent of these injuries has not yet been determined.

Flagman Ed Vasser is reported to have received serious injuries about the body and to have had an arm broken. It was also reported that his back has been broken. No one on the freight train is reported to have been injured.

The cause of the collision is said to have an open switch. The work train put in on the siding at Suggsville for the night. Early this morning the freight train came in to the station at a fair speed and took the siding and crashed into the caboose before it could be stopped. The engine of the freight train and the caboose of the work train were badly mashed up. Several of the cars composing the freight train were turned over.

The three injured men were brought here on the morning train from Mobile and put in Brialin’s ambulance and carried to an infirmary where their injuries were dressed. A large number of the friends of the injured men met them at the passenger station.

The Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery AL 4 Dec 1906