Valdez, AK area Steamer Northwestern Wreck, Mar 1907


A dispatch to the Seattle Post-Intelligence fro Valdez, Alaska, says the steamer Portland arrived there at midnight with the passengers and mail from the steamer Northwestern, which was wrecked Tuesday morning on a rock near Beaton's Wharf, Latouce Islands. The vessel was leaving the bay for Valdez when a flurry of wind caught her and threw her over on the rocks. She went on easily and Capt. Truebridge thought no damage was done, but as the tide lowered the steamship settled on the rocks, punching holes in the forward compartments. The forward bulkhead and the engine-room and forward compartments are still dry, though there is 17 feet of water in the forward hold. Officers of the steamer Northwestern state that it will cost $50,000 to float the vessel from the rock where she is impaled.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 24 Mar 1907