Steep Point, AK Steamer OHIO Sinking, Aug 1909

Wireless Operator and Purser of the Ohio Give Lives to Save 128 Passengers.

Seattle, Wash., Aug. 28. – Five lives were lost in the sinking of the Alaska Steamship Company’s steamer Ohio off Steep Point, Alaska. There were 128 passengers on board, but all these escaped, the victims being from among the crew.
The drowned were: Purser F. J. STEPHEN, Wireless Operator GEORGE E. ECCLES, two seamen and the quartermaster, names not given.
Purser Stephen and Operator Eccles stuck to their posts and gave their lives to save the passengers.
Some of the passengers were taken ashore in lifeboats and picked up by the fishing boat Kingfisher and taken to Swanson Bay. Others were taken on the Humboldt and Rupert City.

Turtle Mountain Star, Rolla, ND 2 Sept 1909