Parkland, AB Train And Truck Collide, Oct 1959



Parkland, Alta. (AP) -- A passenger train and a trailer-truck carrying household gas collided at a crossing Saturday. Officials said three others are missing.
Thirteen were injured and rushed to a hospital.
A spokesman for a funeral home said earlier estimates of dead, that ranged as high as 12, were probably due to the condition of the bodies. The same factor made identification difficult, he said.
An explosion and fire followed the collision, engulfing the truck and the second coach of the Canadian Pacific Railway train in flames.
There were 25 persons in the coach and one person in the truck. It had been believed earlier there were two men and a woman in the truck.
First reports said some of the injured were in critical condition, but hospital authorities in Claresholm, 30 miles south of Parkland, later reported most were suffering from cuts and shock.
The diesel train was a so-called dayliner, made up of only two passenger cars.
"It was a terrible sight," one woman told reporters.
"Bodies of a man and woman were lying on the track and the train and truck were burning."
FIrst to reach the scene was a farmer, ELLIS OVIATT, and his hired man, PAUL TERLESKY.
TERLESKY said he was watching the truck and train meet and the truck exploded.
They dragged four persons through the rear door of the second coach. Fierce flames prevented them from rescuing others, they said.
The first coach was not derailed. The second was flaming and was tipped by the impact, but was prevented from falling over by the coupling with the forward coach.

Salina Journal Kansas 1959-10-25