Yuma, AZ Jet Plane Crash, Feb 1980


Yuma (AP) -- The California pilot of a Navy jet trainer carrying live ordnance was killed when his plane plunged into a line of parked aircraft shortly after takeoff at the Marine Corps Air Station here and burst into flames, authorities said.
Officials Wednesday identified the pilot as Marine 1st Lt. STEVE SCOTT, 25, Daley City, Calif.
Marine Maj. Dan Dorn said the A-4 Skyhawk was assigned to VT25 Squadron based at the Navy Air Station in Beeville, Texas.
He said cause of the crash was undetermined but apparently involved "mechanical failure of some kind" following takeoff. Witnesses said the aircraft appeared to lose power just before it plummeted into the parked planes.
Dorn also said some of the Navy jet's ordinance exploded during the crash.
The two planes into which the Navy jet plunged, also A-4 Skyhawks from the Beeville base, were destroyed. Dorn estimated the loss at $3 million.

Casa Grande Dispatch Arizona 1980-02-14