Yuma, AZ (near) Bomber Crash, June 1944

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Yuma, June 29. -- (AP) -- Five Army airmen were killed instantly yesterday when a B-17 bomber crashed and exploded against the side of a lofty peak in the Gila Mountains, 18 miles east of the plane's base at Yuma Army airfield.
Col. Herbert W. Anderson, field commander, said all aboard the plane perished and identified the dead as:
Second Lt. WILLIAM A. RICHELL, 22, pilot, Tonawanda, N.Y.
Second Lt. SHERIDAN B. MAREK, 20, co-pilot, Temple, Tex.
Second Lt. ANGUS W. MacARTHUR, 21, co-pilot, Pasadena, Calif.
Sgt. MANTEN P. JONES, 23, crew chief, Los Angeles, Calif.
Corp. MERLE G. ICE, 23, aerial engineer, Marion, Ind.

Tucson Daily Citizen Arizona 1944-06-29


Plane crash site

I've heard that there is a memorial and a book you can sign at the crash site.