Kingman, AZ Training Plane Crashes, July 1943


Kingman, Ariz., July 5 -- (AP) -- The co-pilot was killed instantly and nine airmen were injured, one critically, when a twin-engined training plane crashed on a runway today at Kingman army air force field.
Flight Officer BENJAMIN O. HORSLEY of Bonanza, Ore., was killed.
Critically injured flyer was Pilot STERLING G. RAMSEY of Wilkinsburg, Pa.
Those injured, all seriously, were:
Second Lieut. EVART J. BESON, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Second Lieut. HARRY R. FILBERT, Sacramento, Calif.
Second Lieut. LAWRENCE V. SMITH, Monterey, Calif.
Second Lieut. WILLIAM H. PARKER, Salinas, Calif.
Second Lieut. HOWARD M. WILSON, JR., Newport, Minn.
Second Lieut. WILLIAM E. TURK, Compton, Calif.
Sgt. J. Z. JONES, Pembroke, Ga.
Sgt. EDWARD J. KOLBUSCH, Philadelphia, Pa.
A board of officers was investigating the crash that occurred during a routine training flight, the public relations office said.

Greeley Daily Tribune Colorado 1943-07-06