Wittman, AZ Four Car Accident, Dec 1959


Phoenix (AP) - PEGGY HILL CLAYTON, 16, of Modesto, Calif., died yesterday in a Phoenix hospital, the fifth dead of injuries in a four-car pileup on U.S. 60-70 near Wittman in central Arizona.
MISS CLAYTON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Clayton, was injured Thursday when a car driven by MICHAEL MAHONEY, 17, of Phoenix, struck three other cars.
Highway patrolman Bill Hanger said MAHONEY'S car crossed the center line, hit one car head-on and was knocked into two others. He was unconscious and in critical condition.
A Burbank, Calif., family - MR. and MRS. ALFRED TRISTON COFFIN, their son KEITH, 14, and MRS. ANN ELIZABETH COFFIN, 58 - died outright in the crash. Six others were seriously injured.

San Bernardino County Sun California 1959-12-26