Britannia Beach, BC Flooding And Landslide, Oct 1921

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Vancouver, B.C., Oct. 30. -- The toll of lives lost in the flood which plunged down the mountainside Friday evening, virtually wiping out the town of Britannia Mines on Howe Sound and partially inundating Frazer valley just east of here, reached thirty-six tonight. The property loss is estimated at several million dollars.
Fully half of the 110 neat cottages were carried away on the crest of the flood. Others were smashed to pieces by the onrushing waters and most of the remaider were still partially submerged tonight.
Four children are dead and ten others are reported missing. Ten of the dead and all of the injured were brought to Vancouver last evening. All injured are expected to recover.
An energetic search for the missing was made today, but the work was slow because of the difficulties in clearing away the wreckage. It is considered doubtful if the bodies of some of the missing will ever be recovered, as they are believed to have been washed into the muddy waters of the Howe Sound.
Manager J. Donahue of the Britannia mines tonight described efforts made by those on duty at the mines, three miles back from the beach, to warn residents. When the railway fill which caused the accumulation of water in the hills gave way and released a roaring torrent into the creek, a warning of the disaster was sent over the private telephone line of the mines. This message was received by Miss Ellen Patterson, telephone operator at the compressor plant in the village. She rang everybody connected by telephone, relaying the miners' message:
"For God's sake get out of your houses; flood coming!"
Before warning could be understood and circulated, the waters crashed down, sweeping transmission lines and plunging the village into darkness.
The waters had fallen 2000 feet in their three-mile journey down the mountain and smashed straight through the center of the settlement. Britannia Creek now runs through the village itself, which is under several feet of water strewn with wreckage.
The only undamaged buildings on the residential side of the town are the sustom house, a moving picture theater and amusement halli, and a few houses. On the other side, a store, hotel and several mill shops were standing.
The lighting system was restored today in the south side.
Squamish, a town eight miles north of here, also is flooded, but the damage is not great.

Salt Lake Tribune Utah 1921-10-31