Nanaimo, BC Private Plane Crashes On Landing, Oct 1982


Nanaimo -- Authorities in Nanaimo have released the names of three persons killed last Wednesday when a plane crashed near Cassady Airport while trying to land in a driving rainstorm.
Killed were the pilot DAVID TYLER HOLLOWAY, 51, his daughter CARMEN DEBRA HOLLOWAY, 21, both of Vancouver, and CAROL MARGARET KENNEDY, 43, of Capri, Sask.
Autopsies indicated the three died of multiple injuries.
An inquest is not expected to be held, but an inquiry will likely be held to determine the cause of the crash.
The single-engine Piper Aero was on a flight to Nanaimo from Lethbridge. It was making its final approach to the airport in a driving rainstorm when it plunged into the ground.

Lethbridge Herald Alberta 1982-10-26