Terrace, BC Two Car Collision, Aug 1965


Terrace, British Columbia - A collision of two cars near Terrace, B.C., killed eight young people - three from the same family - Saturday night in what the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said was one of the worst accidents in British Columbia's history.
Among the victims in a convertible were WILLIAM JEPHERSON, 26, and his brother, EARL, 25. Killed in the other car was CAROL ANN JEPHERSON, 20, their sister.
Also killed - all from Terrace, B.C. - were JOHN SENCIW, 27; MELVIN JENNER and CLIFFORD CRITCHLOW, both in their early 20's; CRITCHLOW'S wife, MARIE, 17, and OZZIE LEGACE, 28.

The Missoulian Montana 1965-08-02