Arcata, CA (near) Helicopter Crash, Dec 1964


Arcata, Calif., (AP) -- A Navy helicopter pilot, taking advantage of a brief break in the weather, led a ground party to the wreck of a Coast Gurad helicopter which crashed Tuesday on a rescue mission 20 miles north of Arcata.

A doctor at the scene reported that all on board had been killed instantly.

Missing in the crash were three crewmen and three flood survivors. MRS. BETTY KEMPF, her 20-month-old daughter, MELANIE, MRS. MARIE BAHNSEN, and ARNOLD "BUD" HANSEN.

The two women and the child were picked up at rural Ferndale on the Eel River just before the crash. The commander was Lt. DONALD L. PRINCE, 30, of San Mateo; Aviation Electronics Mate JAMES A. NININGER, JR., of South San Francisco, and Royal Canadian Navy Sub-Lt. ALLEN L. ALLTREE, of Vancouver, B.C.

Oakland Tribune California 1964-12-26