Suisun, CA Bomber Crash, Apr 1944


Suisun, Calif. -- Hamilton Field public relations officers told yesterday of an Army fighter pilot who parachuted into the hills west of Healdsburg, and disclosed the names of seven men killed Wednesday when a heavy bomber crashed near Suisun.
Second Lieut. PHILEMON R. MERRILL, 26, of Eagle, Ariz., walked out of the Sonoma County hills after his plane went out of control and crashed.
Planes flying with him saw him flash a distress signal and led rescuers to the spot.
The bomber crash, in which the seven were killed, occurred when the plane developed engine trouble, dived and buried its nose 10 feet into the ground. The announced list of dead included:
Second Lieut. KENNETH A. LEE, pilot, wife, Mrs. Dorothy A. Lee, Long Beach, Calif.
Second Lieut. ORSON B. PRATT, JR., co-pilot, Chicago.
First Lieut. RUSSELL W. CRISSWELL, Ithaca, Mich.
Staff Sgt. GUY C. TURNER, Sturgis, Mich.
Sgt. ARNOLD R. BERNSTEIN, Manchester, N.C.
Sgt. JACK B. BIERMAN, New York City.
Sgt. WARREN V. BURNS, Yonkers, N.Y.
The injured included:
Sgt. JOSEPH J. KUCHENESKI, Dixon City, Pa.

Oakland Tribune California 1944-04-02