Bakersfield, CA Amelia Earhart's Mother Hurt in Auto Wreck, Apr 1938

Amelia's Mother Is Hurt In Accident

BAKERSFIELD, Cal., April 14--(UP)--Mrs. Amy Earhart, 60, mother of Amelia Earhart, was in Mercy Hospital today suffering from a broken leg and internal injuries that she received in an automobile accident in which Mrs. Genigna Green, 60, was killed.

Mrs. Green, resident of Honolulu, sponsored the Amelia Earhart memorial plaque that was placed on Diamond Head near Honolulu and and the Earhart light installed at Howard island. She came to the mainland searching for backing to renew the hunt for Miss Earhart, who was lost on an airplane flight across the southern Pacific last July.

Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 14 Apr 1938


Bakersfield, CA Amelia Earhart's Mother Hurt in Auto Wreck

The name Genigna is actually BENIGNA and it was probably misprinted by the newspaper.
According to records from James & Kathy Green, Benigna lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for many years and she may have been widowed shortly after her marriage.
She did have, at least, one child, a daughter named Elizabeth.
Benigna became friends with Amelia Earhart's mother and after Amelia was lost at sea, they started a cross country tour in 1937 to raise money to search for Amelia. An automobile accident occured in Bakersfield, California causing the front door of the car to come open. Benigna was thrown from the car and fatally injured. Amy Earhart, Amelia's mother, was only injured. George Palmer Putnam, who was Amelia's husband, took care of Benigna's funeral and she was cremated.
This information was obtained in conversation with Grace Green Guthridge, sister of Benigna, at Canton, Ohio on October 18, 1947, but I don't know who obtained the information. This was passed to me by James and Kathy Green in December, 2008. In 1947, Grace Green Guthridge would have been about 76 years old.
I found several sites where she is listed as, Benigna Green Kalb. It appears that she was an early Women's Libber fighting for the women's right to vote. Benigna was involved in picketing the White House on November 15, 1917 when Woodrow Wilson was President. The picketing women who were arrested were all fighting for the right to vote. There are pictures of Benigna and her daughter, Elizabeth, on the Library of Congress website. (You can GOOGLE...Benigna Green Kalb.)
Benigna Green Kalb and President Woodrow Wilson were second cousins-once removed, however it is not known if either Benigna or the president knew of their relationship.