Hollywood, CA Actress Hurt on Set of "My Mother the Car," Jul 1965

TV Actress Hurt on Set of New Show

HOLLYWOOD (CNS)--Actress Ann Doran suffered a fractured vertebra in her neck Tuesday when a studio workman fell from a ladder and landed on her, NBC officials said.

Miss Doran and the workman, Jack Jacob, were hospitalized, but he was not seriously injured.

Miss Doran was on the set of the new comedy show, "My Mother, the Car," when the accident occurred. She had the part of Jerry Van Dyke's mother-in-law in one show and producer Rod Amateau said she would be replaced by actress Paula Winslow.

The accident did not halt a surprise birthday party which members of the cast had prepared for Van Dyke. He was 35 Tuesday.

Independent, Long Beach, CA 28 Jul 1965