Tustin, CA Helicopter Collision, Feb 1981


Tustin, Calif. (UPI) -- Marine Corps officials Wednesday released the names of six Marines, including two from Pennsylvania, who were killed in a fiery collision of two helicopters and a lone survivor who walked away from the crash.
A Marine spokesman said a CH-46 Sea Knight was on a landing approach to the Marine Air Station Tuesday when it collided with a CH-53 Sea Stallion that was hovering above the landing strip with a 500-pound load slung beneath it in a harness.
The dead were trapped in the burning wreckage of the helicopters which plunged to the ground and burst into flames.
Killed in the Sea Stallion were:
Capt. JACKSON R. HOWARD, 33, Salt Lake City, pilot of the aircraft.
1st Lt. PAUL G. STYVAERT, 26, Upland, Calif.
Cpl. GREGORY J. PENNINGTON, 19, Fremont, Calif.
All were members of Squadron 462.
Members of Squadron 164 killed in the second helicopter were:
The pilot Capt. LAWRENCE J. KING, 30, Pittsburgh, Penn.
Major CHARLES V. LONG III, 34, Urbana, Illinois.
Cpl. ROBERT J. EIBACH, 23, Scranton, Penn.
Lance Cpl. JOSE M. RIVERA, 21, Brooklyn, N.Y., was treated for lower back injuries at the Navy Regional Medical Center in Long Beach, Calif., where he was in stable condition. He had been able to walk away from the crash. The cause of the crash was under investigation.

Tyrone Daily Herald Pennsylvania 1981-02-12