Truckee, CA Automobile Siren Accident, Jan 1932

Youth's Hand Badly Cut by Siren Blades

The whirling blades of an automobile siren on an official California car nearly severed one finger and badly mutilated the other fingers on the right hand of Virgil Roeder, thirteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roeder, in Truckee a few days ago. The injury, however, is healing rapidly and it is not believed that the hand will be permanently impaired.

The boy was standing near the traffic car and a man, said to have been intoxicated, told him to put his hand on the siren. The boy laid his hand on the outside of the instrument and the man told him to put it inside the horn.

Not knowing that the siren operates with sharp whirling blades the boy did as directed. An officer rushed the boy to a near-by physician where the wound was dressed. Though known, the man who was responsible was not arrested, according to reports received here.

Sirens, when they come from the factory, are generally covered with a screen to prevent such accidents.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 18 Jan 1932