Los Angeles, CA Planes Collide On Runway, Feb 1991

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Los Angeles, Calif. (AP) -- Federal investigators said Sunday that the controller's view of the airport runway where a USAir jetliner crushed a smaller commuter plane was blocked by a light pole, and a radar system that could have shown where the first plane was parked wasn't working.
The controller directed the jet-liner and the smaller plane onto the same airport runway, resulting in a crash that killed 33 people Friday.
The controller was also busy talking to another controller moments before the crash.
Jim Burrell of the National Transportation Safety Board said Sunday night at a news conference.
The NTSB on Saturday released highlights of about five minutes of conversation between the control tower and pilots just before the crash Friday night at Los Angeles International Airport.
Burnett said the tape showed USAir Flight 1493 twice asked the controller for permission to land and received no response.
About two minutes before the crash, a controller directed commuter Skywest Flight 5569 with 12 people aboard to enter Runway 24-Left for takeoff, and the tape had the same controller giving the USAir pilot permission to land on 24-Left.
The tape also included an unidentified voice shouting, "What the hell!"
Moments later, controllers acknowledged a collision and fire had occurred on the runway.
Burnett who gave an oral account of the tapes, would not say whether the controller had erred.
"We don't deal in terms of fault. That's a word the safety board doesn't use," he said.
Within seconds of touching down after a westbound descent over Los Angeles, the twin-jet USAir Boeing 737 ran into the back of the smaller plane, which was about to take off.
The controller, whose name wasn't released and her supervisor, submitted to urine drug tests, Burnett said. Blood tests for alohol also were requested of the two and four other controllers on duty at the time.
The controller and her supervisor, under standard procedure, have been placed on adminitrative duty and will not handle air traffic until the NTSB investigation is completed.
Burnett said Sunday a federal investigator in the control tower noted that four light poles illuminating a baggage-handling area blocked the view of the crash site. "One of those structures was dead in the middle," Burnett said.
He said investigators planned Monday to test visibility from the tower and the air, by placing an aircraft like the Skywest plane on the runway and video taping it under day and night conditions.
Additionally, the control tower was equipped with a ground-scanning radar that wasn't working for at least 18 hours before the crash, he said.
In 1989 the Federal Aviation Administration recommended that such surface detection equipment be used at night and other times to help avoid just the kind of accident that occurred, Burnett said.
USAir officials said 21 people died on its aircraft, but only released the name of a pilot, Capt. COLIN SHAW, 48, of Washington, D.C.
All 12 people aboard the Skywest plane were killed, including he pilot and the airline's local manager at the plane's dstination in Palmdale, 40 miles north of Los Angeles, officials said.
Also aboardthe Skywest plane was SCOTT GILLIAM, 33, an air traffic controller based in Palmdale, said his wife, Connie Gilliam was on his way home from a business trip in Atlantic City. He had called his wife and told her he took out a travel insurance police "just in case anything ever happens to me," Mrs. Gilliam said.
Twenty bodies were pulled from the wreckage Sunday. Burnett said all bodies from the jet would be removed by Monday before its wreckage is lifted off the smaller plane. Removal of bodies in the smaller plane will take place after the USAir fuselage is lifted from the crushed plane underneath, officials said.
Sixty-nine people survived from the USAir flight, despite raging flames and choking smoke that filled the jet's interior. Some were able to climb over seats to reach the exits.

Syracuse Herald Journal New York 1991-02-04

List of Skywest Victims.
Los Angeles, Calif. (AP) -- Skywest Airlines on Sunday released a list of passengers and crew killed in the collision of Flight 5569 with a USAir jetliner at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday.
Skywest fatalities:
Capt. ANDREW LUCAS, Pismo Beach, pilot.
FRANK CHARLES PRENTICE III, 45, San Luis Obispo, co-pilot.
MICHAEL FULLER, 30, Palmdale, Skywest Palmdale manager.
SCOTT GILLIAM, 33, Palmdale, FAA air traffic controller.
JUDY JANISSE, California City.
ED REID, Palmdale.
ED RIDDLE, Lancaster.
DEBBIE ROBERTS, Azores Islands, Portugal.
JEFF STEEN, Palmdale.
USAir fatalities (incompete)
USAir Capt. COLIN SHAW, 48, of Washington, D.C.
JIMMY DALE PERDUE, JR., 19, Indian Lake, Ohio.
DEANNA BETHA, flight attendant, Washington, D.C.

USAir released this list of survivors from Flight 1493 that collided with a Skywest commuter plane.
MARILYN ARMOR, Washington, D.C.
LAURIE BELL, Columbus, Ohio.
DWAYNE BENNETT, Long Beach, Calif.
TIMOTHY BENNET, Citrus Heights, Calif.
STEPHEN BOOK, Seal Beach, Calif.
LAUREL BRAVO, S. Euclid, Ohio.
STEVE BROUDY, North Hollywood, Calif.
TATSUO BROWN, no city listed.
GERALD BUCKMAN, Alameda, Calif.
GALE CARTER, Los Angeles.
ALMA CASTOR, Humber Heights, Ohio.
CARTER COHN, Los Angeles.
GARY DUNHAM, Moorpark, Calif.
WAYNE FOLDEN, Columbus, Ohio.
PAULA GARAVAGLIA, Pasadena, Calif.
ALAN GETTELMAN, Burbank, Calif.
DANIEL GOSS, Ridgecrest, Calif.
MOHAMED HALLAG, Mansfield, Ohio.
CHULY HONG, Kenton, Ohio.
LARRY JOSEPHSON, Ridgecrest, Calif.
CHICHENG KAO, Monterey Park, Calif.
HSIAUPAI KAO, Monterey Park, Calif.
JOHN KARNS, Vandenberg AFB, Calif.
ANTAI KO, Manhattan Beach, Calif.
BILL KULUCULLEN, Huntington Beach, Calif.
JANET KULUCULLEN, Huntington Beach, Calif.
TESSA LeCOMBER, Swinton Wilts, UK.
JOHN LEDBETTER, Las Vegas, Nevada.
TEHAO LO, Columbus, Ohio.
ROBERT MacDONALD, Whittier, Calif.
MICHAEL McCARTHY, Point Mugu, Calif.
MICHAEL MEYERS, Columbus, Ohio.
ANTHONY NICELY, South Point, Ohio.
RICHARD PARAPAR, Redondo Beach, Calif.
D. PELLIGRINI, Daly City, Calif.
SHELLEY RISER, Rockville, Md.
JUDY ROSE, Marengo, Ohio.
VICKIE ROSEMIER, Costa Mesa, Calif.
NIRMELA SHARMIA, Moreno Valley, Calif.
STEPHEN SIPPRELL, Lancaster, Calif.
MARTIN STRASEN, Manhattan Beach, Calif.
SCOTT VAUGHN, Agoura Hills, Calif.
CHRISTINA VOSS, Hermosa Beach, Calif.
CONSTANCE WINSLOW, Westhersfield, Conn.
MRS. DAYLE ZUKOR, Los Angeles.
RONALD GIVENS, Pinkerton, Ohio.
PATRICIA HODGES, flight attendant, Washington, D.C.
VANCE SPURGEON, flight attendant, Washington, D.C.
In the hospital:
ADRIAN BELL, Ruslip Garden, UK.
BRIAN DOW, Milbury, Mich.
RUTH DOW, Milbury, Mich.
BILL HEICHEL, Mansfield, Ohio.
DAVID KOCH, Wichita, Kan.
RUDOLPH MORFIN, Downey, Calif.
JANET ROBINSON, San Francisco.
RICHARD RONK, Mansfield, Ohio.
RUBY WHINERY, Bakersfield, Calif.
WILLIAM IBARRA, flight attendant, Los Angeles.
DAVID KELLY, crew first officer, Washingon, D.C.