San Marino, CA Child Falls Into Abandoned Well, Apr 1949

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He put all remaining equipment to work to fill in the big trough and the rescue shaft. Cables which had served press and radio communications cars and television cameras were cut.

When Yancey was bringing the baby up, workers kept weaving lights in front of cameramen and reporters to prevent their photographing or seeing the baby.

As soon as the body was driven away, police ordered the remainder of the crowd, which swelled to more than 10,000 people in the latter stages of the rescue, to leave the scene.

Some of the crowd left when Hanson made his announcement of the baby's death and asked them to go out of respect and sympathy for Mr. and Mrs. David Fiscus, Kathy's parents.


The family had been informed an hour earlier that Kelly had found their baby dead and the pretty 32-year-old mother was near collapse as she paced back and forth in her living room.

The family issued a statement of gratitude to the volunteers who fought to rescue their child and the many well-wishers throughout the world who sent messages of sympathy or advice.

"There is nothing we can say to thank the many people whose heart-felt activities and many sacrifices have been made beyond belief on behalf of our family," the parents said.


Doctor Asserts Life Apparently Ended Friday After Fall.

Kathy Fiscus is dead.

She died last Friday after she fell into an abandoned well in a San Marion vacant lot and became wedged in a rusty pipe 94 feet underground.

Dr. Paul Hanson made that official announcement to a hushed throng gathered at the scene of heroic rescue attempts at 8:53 p.m. yesterday.

"Kathy apparently had been dead since she was last heard speaking Friday night," the physician said over a public address system.

He then read a message from the 3½-year-old child's parents, Mr. and Mrs. David H. Fiscus, 2590 Robles Ave.

"There is nothing we can say to thank the people who helped by their many sacrifices," the message said.

Dr. Hanson asked the crowd of several thousand grouped under the shroud of night to leave as a courtesy to the little girl's family.

Drowning Belief Cited

Mrs. Jeanette Lyon, Kathy's aunt, disclosed that the cause of Kathy's death is believed to be drowning. She said she had asked Dr. Hanson if the youngster had drowned, and he said she had.

An autopsy surgeon will be assigned to the case today and an autopsy probably will be scheduled to determine the exact death cause.

Less than one hour after Dr. Hanson made his public announcement Kathy's body was brought from the earth that had clutched her close.'

Bill Yancey, San Gabriel cesspool contractor who was the first man to the bottom of the 94-foot rescue shaft, carried it out----the last man to leave the hole.

A vagrant frill of a pink party dress strayed from the gray blanket that covered it as the body was placed in a black hearse from Turner & Steven Mortuary in Pasadena.

She was wearing the dress when she unaccountably fell through the well opening two inches narrower than this newspaper page.