Acton, CA Train Wreck, Oct 1919

List of Known Dead

The dead are:

Frank Feidler, engineer, San Fernando.

L. P. Force, fireman, Los Angeles.

Harry Phelps, brakeman, Los Angeles.

George Partingion, address not known.

Paul L. Mateson, Lakewood, O.

One unidentified man.

List of Injured

A partial list of the injured follows:

William Hallisey, 111 South Gaylord street, Butte, Mont., both legs broken and other injuries.  Doctors say he will die.

Martin Para, Hannibal, Mo.

Dolphine Aviles, Mexico

Manuel Delbado, Mexico

B. Sintan, address unknown.

R. C. Marder, express messenger, 540 Leavenworth street, San Francisco.

John Savvian, Los Angeles.

John Cocharan, Gainesville, Ga.

William Barton, Los Angeles.

L. C. Messerby, Los Angeles.

Santos Padilla, 1402 S. El Paso street, El Paso, Tex.

Mrs. Mary L. Barr, Rosamond, Cal.

John Lynch, Madera, Cal.

J. M. Washburn, Tulare, Cal.

S. H. Brown, Catawba, N. C.

Fred Zahn, Portland, Ore.

Tom Foley, 446 West Seventeenth street, Erie, Pa.

L. J. Simms, baggageman, 41 Thompson street, Oakland.

Lucy Flores, Brea, Orange county, Cal.

Henry Uhlman, Los Angeles.

Grover W. Guton, Independence, Cal.

Holis Shake, Butte, Mont.

C. L. Verre, Los Angeles.

Jesus Rico, Churchmse, Mich.

Milo D. Aylward, South Pasadena, Cal.

Mrs. Annie Maibaum, 601 Jones street, San Francisco.

William Schroeder, The Dalles, Ore.

J. W. Cowden, Mohave [sic], Cal.

Sadie B. Hendricks, 1449 Constance street, Los Angeles.

Mrs. Maggie Bell, Los Angeles.

Teressa Bell, aged 5, daughter of Mrs. Maggie Bell.

S. Nino, El Paso.

Lucas Hernandez, El Paso.

Vicado Rodriguez, El. Paso.

H. Renosa, El Paso.

T. O. Nicholas, Orange, Cal.

Arthur Perkins, Eureka, Mont.

J. W. Camden, Mojave, Cal.

Mrs. Martha Cow, Mojava [sic], Cal.

Pablo Loco, Colton, Cal.

Raphael Grecia, Colton, Cal.

S. Hernandez, Colton, Cal.

Mrs. Joe Bransen, Madera, Cal.

A. Bolelo, Juarez, Mex.

G. Lopez, Mexico.

O. Sanchez, Mexico.

J. R. McCormick, Los Angeles.

Wreck Delays News

Early reports stated that the cause of the train leaving the rails was unknown.  The cars, plunging into the ditch on the west side of the track, ripped down telephone and telegraph poles and wires for several hundred yards, delaying news of the wreck for some time.

According to telephone messages from Acton, the dead and injured were picked up by the crew of a freight train which arrived on the scene about half an hour after the accident and loaded into three Pullmans which remained on the track to await the arrival of relief.

A relief train, in charge of Assistant Superintendents A. F. Bolles and B. F. Donnation, carrying 10 doctors and six nurses, left here at 5:10 p.m. and was expected to arrive back about 9 o'clock.

About 20 of the injured were reported in serious condition, many having their arms and legs injured, but none were expected to die, according to a report received here at 8:15 o'clock from Acton.

San Diego Union, San Diego, CA 30 Oct 1919