Oxnard, CA (near) Truck And Auto Collision, Jul 1956


Oxnard, California - (AP) - A
10-year-old girl's vacation with her father ended in death for them and a third person last night when their car careened into the side of a semi-truck and trailer, on Highway 101-A, 15 miles south of Oxnard.
Dead are LAUREN SEVERIN OBERG, 56, of Los Angeles, his daughter, SHARON, 10, of Chicago, and the third victim, an unidentified woman.
All died of severe head injuries suffered when they were thrown from the car, Pat Sullivan, deputy coroner, reported.
OBERG and the unidentified woman died instantly in the crash at about 10:15 p.m. SHARON was taken to St. John's Hospital where she died at about midnight.
SHARON, who lived with her divorced mother in Chicago, had just flown out to spend a few days with her father, Sullivan said.
JOHN T. GUERRERO, 46, of 508 North McKinley Avenue, driver of the truck, suffered minor injuries. He was treated by a private physician.
The shattering collision sheared off the top of OBERG'S 1951 car, which came within 15 feet of plunging into the sea, the California Highway Patrol reported.
Pieces of metal and debris were scattered over a 200-foot area.
OBERG'S car apparently went out of control as he rounded a curve near Bass Rock, highway patrolmen reported. He drifted off the south shoulder and then, in attempting to straighten out, veered across the highway and skidded into the truck.
GUERRERO pulled over to avoid the collision, but OBERG'S car collided with the left front fender of the truck.. Then it scraped the side of the tractor and hit the dual wheels.
The victims were thrown out by the impact and the car traveled another 108 feet.
The truck jack-knifed, blocking 2 lanes of the 3-lane highway. The rear double-wheel section was torn from the truck. Owners of the truck are the Carr Brothers, operators of the Oxnard Trucking Service. They sent out 2 vans to remove the cargo.
Attempts to locate Mrs. Oberg in Chicago and to identify the woman crash victim are being made by the coroner's office. All victims were taken to the Diffunderffer-Allister Mortuary.

Press-Courier Oxnard California 1956-07-27