Mountain View, CA Two Car Collision, Feb 1954


Mountain View (AP) - Five soldiers bound for a weekend in San Francisco and a middle-aged couple en route to visit their son were killed yesterday in a bloody, broadside auto crash in heavy rain.
Only one man survived the shattering crash on Bayshore Highway near the Moffett Field naval air station, 36 miles south of San Francisco.
Killed in the accident which tied up traffic on the four-lane road for almost an hour were MR. and MRS. JAMES ROSTAGE, 63 and 58, of San Francisco, and five infantry trainees from the 20th infantry regiment at Ft. Ord.
The army identified them as Privates ALEXANDER A. KONG, 20, Honolulu; ARTHUR W. LINTHICUM, 35, Ankeny, Iowa; ALBERT LA MADRID, 19, Honolulu; HENRY T. MATTHEWS, 41, Hanford, Calif.; and HAROLD VANGLER, 19, Seattle.
Pvt. GERALD KAPLAN, 26, Seattle, suffered only broken ribs and was taken to Letterman Army Hospital in San Francisco in good condition.

Santa Cruz Sentinel California 1954-02-14