San Francisco, CA Auditorium Fire, Nov 1915


San Francisco, Nov. 8, -- One fireman was burned to death and four others injured Sunday afternoon in a fire which destroyed the old Auditorium at the corner of Page and Fillmore street and did $30,000 damage to adjoining buildings. The total damage is estimated at $60,000. The origin of the fire is in doubt.

The man who lost his life in the performance of his duty was Dennis Mulcahy, hoseman of Engine No. 21. He was trapped by the flames while passing hose near the hottest part of the fire. The injured were Edward Materne, truckman of Truck 6, who was burned about the face and hands; Joseph Gilbert, truckman, Truck 6, whose back was badly wrenched in a fall; Eugene Reardon, hoseman of Chemical 9, who was burned on the hands and John Lackie, truckman, Truck 6, who was badly bruised on his legs.

Heroic efforts by his companions failed to have the life of Mulcahy, who with two others were trapped by back fire and overcome by smoke and flame.

Mrs. Julia Mulcahy, mother of the fireman who lost his life, is prostrated by the shock of her son's death. At first she refused to believe that he was really dead but later, when her "Dennie" failed to come home, she realized the dreadful truth of the tragedy and is in a dangerous condition at her home, 866 Haight street. Mrs. Mulcahy is a widow and 80 years of age.

At noon the first alarm was sounded from Page and Steiner streets. It was quickly followed by two others and finally a fourth alarm brought the major portion of all the apparatus in the city to the scene.

When the first engines arrived, the entire building, covering half a block, wrapped in flames which menaced the safety of the whole neighborhood. A brisk north breeze forced the firemen to devote most of their time and energy to saving adjoining property.

The Evening News, San Jose, CA 8 Nov 1915



San Francisco, Nov. 9. -- Crossed wires caused the fire Sunday at the old Auditorium at Page and Fillmore streets, according to the statement made by Fire Marshal Charles Towe. Towe says the fact that the fire broke out simultaneously in various parts of the building leads him to this conclusion of its cause. Funeral services for Dennis Mulcahy, the fireman who lost his life in the building, were held at 9 o'clock this morning at Sacred Heart church. Members of engine company 21 acted as pallbearers. Edward Materne, who was injured, is reported to be doing well at St. Joseph's hospital.

The Evening News, San Jose, CA 9 Nov 1915


Dennis J. Mulcahy

Firemen Killed in the Line of Duty:

DENNIS J. MULCAHY 11/7/1915 (59)
Engine Co. No. 21 – 1152 Oak
Auditorium – Page & Fillmore

San Francisco Fire Department Museum - Those Who Died in the Line of Duty