Ignacio, CO (near) Private Plane Crash, July 1959


Ignacio, Colo. (AP) -- A plane crashing high in the mountains of southwestern Colorado carried five persons to their deaths Sunday and ignited a forest fire.
The victims included the head of a Chicago radio firm, an Iowa woman and her three children.
The fire burned across about 100 acres of timber before it was reported controlled Monday. Between 70 and 80 fighters were on the lines Sunday night. Fresh crews relieved them this morning.
Officials said they believe the fire in contained unless new winds spring up.
KENNETH B. ROSS, 62, president of the Ross Mfg. Co. of Chicago, apparently tried to fly his two-engine plane over a mountain ridge but it stalled, crashing in a heap. The wreckage was discovered by crews rushed to the fire.
Beside ROSS, the victims were MRS. BETTY MINK, 40, of Washington, Iowa; her son, DANIEL, 17, and her two younger daughters.
Their bodies were charred beyond recognition.
The pieces of wreckage covered an area only 12 feet in size. Coroner R. B. Downing said the bodies were together.
FLOYD GREGG, manager of the Durango airport, said ROSS had failed to file a flight plan when that plane left, apparently for Washington, Iowa.
The Chicago firm, which manufactures television parts, has a plant there.
She and ROSS were in the Durango area one day to purchase mineral speciments, GREGG said.
Their plane crashed 15 miles southeast of the airport and about 30 miles southeast of Durango.
A group of 92 trained Indian fire-fighters were flown from New Mexico. Forest rangers, jail prisoners and others battled the fire.

The Greeley Daily Tribune Colorado 1959-07-13