Montrose, CO (near) Private Plane Crashes, Oct 1997


Montrose, Colo. (AP) -- Searchers Friday found the smashed remnants of a small plane that vanished two days ago in a densely wooded area of southwestern Colorado. None of the nine people aboard survived.
"It did not appear to have touched any tree on its way down and gives the appearance it went into the ground at about an 80-degree angle," Montrose County Sheriff Gene Hill said. "The plane is destroyed."
The Cessna 208 disappeared from radar shortly after it took off Wednesday morning for a 90-minute flight to Arizona. On board were eight federal Bureau of Recamation employees traveling to Page, Ariz.
The bureau oversees federal dams and other water projects; the employees were on their way to a meeting at Glen Canyon dam.
The pilot, ROBERT ARMSTRONG, was also killed. ARMSTRONG, a 63-year-old Phoenix resident, had been flying with Scenic Airline for 10 years, according to airline spokeswoman Iris Langness.
The employees on board included WILLIAM DUNCAN, who manages the Glen Canyon Powerplant and Dam on the Colorado River in Arizona; JEFF WAITE, who manages the power plant; DELPHINA HOLLIMAN, WALT KALTMAIER and CATRINA WALL, computer specialists; and JIM BLOOMFIELD, electrical engineer. All worked at the Bureau of Reclamation's Page, Ariz., office.
The plane was found about 17 miles southwest of the Montrose Resional Airport, on the rugged Uncompahgre Plateau.
"Total devastation would be the proper word to use for that aircraft," Hill said.
By late afternoon, the remains of all nine victims had been recovered from the crash site, said Robert MacIntosh of the National Transportation Safety Board.
More than a dozen NTSB investigators searched the wreckage for clues to the cause of the crash. MacIntosh refused to speculate, saying it would take the NTSB at least six months to issue a public report.
He did, however, say the plane appeared to have dropped to the ground with its engine running and propeller blades still spinning as it crashed into a thicket of 75-100 foot pine trees.

Texas City Sun Texas 1997-10-11


One name missing

Jon Nees was also on that aircraft when it went down.
He was brother and not mentioned. Please add even though a lot of time has passed

Jon E. Nees 42
worked in the Montrose office
he and bill are the ones mentioned on the memorial in front of the office in Montrose