Manzanola, CO Car-Truck Collision, Apr 1951


Manzanola, Colo., April 2. - (AP) - A pickup truck collided full force with a car near this southeastern Colorado town last night, killing seven of the eight persons in the two vehicles.
The truck, driven by GEORGE McBRIDE, 35, of Manzanola, had just emerged from a railroad underpass when it met head-on a car driven by PORFINTO ARRIETA, also of Manzanola.
McBRIDE and his passengers, ASIE CARPENTER, 57, and TOM BALANDRAN, 26, were killed instantly.
HENRY REYES, 21, who was in ARRIETA'S
car died at the scene.
ARRIETA, ABELINA GALLEGOS, 21, and LILLIAN DURAN, 17, died at a hospital. All were from Manzanola.
The only survivor, ABRAHAM SENA, 17, was too badly injured to be questioned.
The wreck occurred a mile and a half east of here on U.S. Highway 50. Both vehicles were demolished.

Greeley Daily Tribune Colorado 1951-04-02