Strasburg, CO Head On Auto Crash, Aug 1959


Strasburg, Colo. (AP) - The time was 5:20 p.m., Saturday and in the next minute six persons would be dead.
But at the moment, for two of them, a Colorado vacation was over and their 1958 model sedan was cruising toward Kansas and home.
At the wheel, LAVERNE MILLER, 35, of Topeka, listened to the chatter of sons, BRUCE, 6, and DAVID, 3.
With them in the car were MILLER'S wife, DONNA, 31, and her parents, WALTER, 57, and LENA LINDAMOOD, 54.
MILLER had slowed his speed through this eastern Colorado community and was nearing the 60 M.P.H. speed limit of U.S. Highway 40 three miles beyond. Ahead lay a steep hill called Dead Man's Hill.
Approaching from the opposite direction was a 1950 model sedan with truck driver HUMEE A. CARTER, 50, at the wheel. He was returning to Denver with his five children from their first joint fishing trip. His wife wasn't along.
At Dead Man's Hill CARTER'S car suddenly veered into the opposite lane.
The cars collided with tremendous force. From the wreckage, officers removed six bodies.
They were those of MILLER and his wife; CARTER and three of his children, EDWARD, 7; AMY, 10; and ANNA, 14.
Ambulances sped the survivors to Denver hospitals.
LINDAMOOD and ARVIN CARTER, 8, suffered critical injuries.
JAMES CARTER, 5, and MRS. LINDAMOOD were less seriously hurt. BRUCE and DAVID MILLER suffered cuts and bruises.
From her hospital bed, MRS. LINDAMOOD said through puffed lips: "We didn't have a chance. We just couldn't get away from him."
MRS. LINDAMOOD said she would take the MILLER children into her home.
Denver police files showed an arrest record dating back to 1930 for CARTER. Two of the arrests were for drunken driving. Twice his operator's license was revoked.

Times Record Troy New York 1959-08-10