Denver, CO Auto And Train Collision, Aug 1947


Littleton, Colo., Aug. 25. - (UP) - Identity of the horribly mangled bodies of the 10 victims of the worst highway accident in Colorado history, when a speeding train smashed into an auto loaded with tourists, was established early today.
Mrs. Bartlett Bankston of Denver, and aunt of MRS. HAROLD RATHBUN, one of the victims, heard a radio news flash describing the accident and called Coroner Ivan Joss to identify the victims.
Dead and positively identified, according to Joss, were: MR. and MRS. HAROLD RATHBUN, of Vesper, Kan.; their seven children, AMAYLIS ANN, 16, WILLIAM ALBERT, 14, MODINE, JOYCE, BONNA BETH, MARGO, and HAROLD KENT, 3, and EARL STRANGE, 42, of Lincoln, Kan.
MRS. RATHBUN'S age was given as 41,
Rathbun's father-in-law said he was "about
The accident occurred last night when a speeding southbound Colorado and Southern passenger train struck the auto at a grade crossing one mile south of the Denver city limits. Ed L. Stephens, fireman on the train, said the car appeared to slow down, then pulled onto the tracks directly in front of the train.
The late model sedan was carried on the pilot of the train for a long distance down the track, and bodies and wreckage was strewn along the right-of-way for more than a quarter of a mile.

Medford Mail Tribune Oregon 1947-08-25