Fort Collins, CO Automobile Accident, Jul 1911

Two Women Killed In Accident to an Auto

Fort Collins, Col., July 8. --- Mrs. R.M. Booraem, wife of superintendent of the great Western Sugar Company and her sister Mrs. W.B. Manning of Baltimore, Md., were killed last night when their automobile skidded and overturned into an irrigation ditch. Both women were pinioned om tje water and drowned.

M.H. Fehnel, superintendent of the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company at Sugar City, Idaho, who was riding in the rear seat, was thrown clear of the machine as it overturned and struck on a rock across the ditch and one of his shoulders was disabled.

The party was returning to Fort Collins from a trip through the beet growing district, with Mrs. Booraem driving. Going at thirty miles an hour, the automobile struck mud and skidded, Mrs. Booraem endeavoring to regain control, without slackening speed it struck the bank and overturned into the water.

The Evening News, San Jose, CA 8 Jul 1911