Denver, CO biplane crash, Feb 1910


In Farman Biplane Pauhan Crashes Through Fence and Machine Is Heap of Wreckage.

Denver, Colo., Feb. 3. - Louis Paulhan had a narrow escape from death today when his Farman biplane collided with the fence guarding the race track at Overland Park, smashing through it, and came down in a heap of wreckage. Paulhan was thrown headlong, but beyond a severe shaking up was unharmed.

Before the accident Paulhan had successfully guided his machine up into the rare mountain air and had circled the Overland race track a dozen times.

He then came to the ground and it was announced that the aviator would attempt to fly over the business district of Dever, three or four miles away, and return.

But the runway for his machine, ever 140 yards in length and cramped by the race track fence and by an irrigation ditch running diagonally across the grounds, proved too short. The machine left the ground too close the fence, struck the fence, rebounding and ricochetted on the bank of the ditch, breaking one of the starting wheels. Paulhan shut off his motor and brought the machine to a stop.

The machine was repaired and again Paulhan attempted a flight. The machine was not three feet from the ground when the end of the runway was reached and the machine crashed through the fence into the ditch, rebounded and came down in a mass of wreckage. Paulhan was fairly catapulted from his seat, but he lit in the soft snow and escaped serious injury.

A dozen or more people were knocked down by the machine when it tore through the fence, but no one was seriously hurt.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 4 Feb 1910