Denver, CO Bomber Crashes, June 1956


Denver (AP) -- A B25 bomber crash in which four persons were killed yesterday at Lowry Air Force Base was the fourth crash at or near the field in a month.
A board of investigation will be selected today in an attempt to determine the cause of the latest accident.
Four other occupants of the twin-engine craft, which cartwheeled between homes in heavily populated southeast Denver, still are in the Lowry base hospital. Two are in critical condition.
The plane had stopped at Lowry to refuel while on a training flight from McChord Air Force Base at Tacoma, Wash., to Tindall Air Force Base at Panama City, Fla. Three of the four victims were members of the plane's crew. The fourth was one of three "hitch hikers" on leave.
The dead:
LT. ROBERT L. BILBRO, 24, of Laredo, Tex.
LT. DONALDSON H. WRIGHT, 27, the pilot, of Blytheville, Ark.
CAPT. CLARENCE STULL, 39, of Panama City, Fla.
ARMY SGT. LAWRENCE HIRES, 26, of Ft. Lewis, Wash. HIRES' home was listed as Tampa, Fla.
The injured:
SGT. CHARLES L. WILLARD, 28, the plane's crew chief, of Texas City, Tex., who suffered a broken arm.
LT. HARRELL A. LAWLYES, 26, of Oakland, Calif., who suffered critical burns.
ARMY PVT. B. L. HESTER, 19, Gunnersonville, Ala., stationed at Ft. Lewis, Wash., in critical condition from undetermined injuries.
JUANITA WALKER, Women's Air Force, of Keesler Air Force Base, Miss. She suffered bruises and shock.
LT. LAWLYES and MISS WALKER had boarded the plane here, the other at McChord.

The Daily Times-News Burlington North Carolina 1956-06-02