Jewett City, CT Fires, 1863-1872

FIRES FROM 1863 TO 1872.

In June, 1863, the livery stable owned by Robert Brown, located on what is now Anthony Street, was burned to the ground, and about twenty horses perished. Mr. Charles Ray, one of our older citizens, says, "Mr. Brown was supposed to be a heavy loser, and in relating the incident later, the proprietor told of the many kindly expressions of sympathy received from his friends.

One quiet man in the company said he also was a little sorry, and then proceeded to measure his sympathy by giving Mr. Brown his check for five hundred dollars."

It was near this time that the button mill, and the carriage shop adjoining, on Main Street, between Slater Avenue and the railroad, were both destroyed by fire.

In 1872 the barn standing on the premises of Rev. T. L. Shipman was burned to the ground. It is said, at this time, that there had been no fires in Jewett City during the preceding seven years.

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