Hartford, CT Auto Wreck, Sept 1913


Daughter Is Probably Fatally Hurt in Auto Crash.


Machine Strikes Garbage Wagon While Trying to Pass Vehicle Near Hartford, Conn.---Three Dead in Automobile Accidents on Western Roads----Students Plunge Through Draw.

Hartford, Conn. Sept. 4.---Thrown from their speeding automobile when it struck a garbage wagon 2 miles from this city today, and all seriously injured, George M. Cohan, the actor, his 13-year-old daughter, Georgia Cohan, Wallace Eddinger, leading man for Mr. Cohan's new play, Francis Xavier Hope, Mr. Cohan's confidential secretary, and William Van Buren, Eddinger's chauffeur, were rushed to the Hartford Hospital, where, at a late hour tonight, it was said Mr. Cohan and the other men would recover, but that the recovery of his daughter is doubtful.

The party was coming from New York to Hartford to begin rehearsals for the new play which is to be tried out here. They were in Eddinger's machine. Two miles south of Hartford, Van Buren, who was at the wheel, turned out to pass a wagon. The driver of the wagon turned to the left and the automobile struck the horse and went into an embankment and turned turtle. All five passengers were thrown out.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 5 Sept 1913


Turns out his daughter did

Turns out his daughter did NOT die. Georgette ("Georgia") lived until 1988.