Washington, DC Air Florida Flight 90 Jan 1982

Friday, January 15, 1982

Following is the most complete list currently available of the 79 passengers and crew on Wednesday's Air Florida Flight 90 and those killed on the 14th Street bridge, compiled from staff reports and the most recent release from Air Florida:


Duncan, Kelly, 22, of Miami, Fla. (flight attendant)

Felch, Patricia, 27, of Herndon

Hamilton, Bert, 41, of Gaithersburg

Stiley, Joseph, 42, of Alexandria

Tirado, Priscilla, 23, of Spain


Nine bodies thought to be from Flight 90 have been recovered from the Potomac River. The following have been officially identified:

Calvin, John, 42, of Lorain, Ohio

Davis, Sophie, 82, of Peabody, Mass.

Ivener, Arnold, 46, of Springfield, Va.

Laudani, Robert, 43, of Germantown


The following were listed as passengers and crew on Flight 90, and are missing and presumed dead:

Adams, Donna, 23, of Miami, Fla. (flight attendant)

Anderson, Gordon, 51, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Blake, Jo Ann, 43, of Fredericksburg, Va.

Boer, David, of Boston.

Burka, Jane R., 37, of Bethesda

Burke, K., of Philadelphia.

Carluccio, J. 46, of Gaithersburg

Champagne, Maj. Erroll, 41, of Hillsborough County, Fla.

Cobb, Col. Edward, 46, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Dixon, Sgt. Maj. James, of Tampa, Fla.

Delmonte, Cat, of Virginia.

Ellis, Rex, of Luray, Va.

Erickson, James, of Georgia.

Essary, Robert L., 50, of Gaithersburg

Fako, James R., 43, of Philadelphia, Pa.

Fisher, Tom, of Maryland.

Foer, Judith, of Potomac.

Fusco, Susan, 53, of Bowie.

Garland, Michael C., 45, of Lutz, Fla.

Gilmore, Donald P. Jr., 31, of Alexandria

Grahm, George, of Washington

Hanson, Beth, 83, of Virginia

Haven, Herman, of Washington

Herman, Maj. Ralph E., of Tampa, Fla.

Hiller, Lt. Col. Herbert L., 43, of Fairfax County

Hobbs, J., of Jacksonville, Fla.

Horton, E. of Tampa, Fla.

Kauffman, Eric R., 36, of Walkesville, Md.

Klasky, Terrence, 33 of Montgomery County

Krzanowski, David, 4, of Lexington Park, Md.

Krzanowski, Christina, 18 months, of Lexington Park, Md.

Krzanowski, Dr. Edward, 36, of Lexington Park, Md.

Krzanowski, Karen, 34, of Lexington Park, Md.

Lauderdale, Mike of Miami, Fla.

Levinson, Benson, 26, of Germantown

Liddle, Dr. William D. Jr., 64, of Fredericksburg, Va.

Mattar, Lt. Col. George G., of Tampa, Fla.

McIlwaine, Chalmers Jr., 42, of Great Falls, Va.

McNeely, Mrs. Lee, of Maryland.

Miller, Richard, of Washington

Murek, Leon, 74, of Chevy Chase, Md.

Murek, Harriet, 62, of Chevy Chase, Md.

Nichols, Marilyn, 25, of Miami, Fla. (flight attendant)

Pettit, Roger, 31, of Miami, Fla. (copilot)

Pibbs, S., of Tampa, Fla.

Pibbs, T.

Piontek, Barbara, 51, of Tampa, Fla.

Piontek, Brian, 5 months, of Tampa, Fla.

Piontek, Mary, 23, of Tampa, Fla.

Pipes, Francis, of Washington

Player, Marion, 57, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Shubinski, Dr. Robert P., 46, of Annandale

Silberblied, R., of Boston

Skiles, William B., 41, of Seminole, Fla.

Smolen, Theodore H., 48, of Gaithersburg

Soune, Eugene, of Alexandria

Stemper, Mrs. D., of Washington

Sutton, Walter, of Washington

Testerman, H., of Fort Lauderdale

Tirado, Jose, 23, of Spain

Tirado, Jason, 2 months, of Washington

Trexler, Robert V., 39, of Middletown, Md.

Ventura, John, 57, of Tampa, Fla.

Viehman, Jack, of Washington

Weingarten, Mrs. C., of Boston

Wheaton, Capt. Larry, 34, of Miami, Fla. (pilot)

Williams, Arland, 46, of Georgia.

Wood, Sharon, 42, of Rockville.

Woodard, Stanley, 77, of Silver Spring.

Zondler, William, of Dallas, Tex.


Bowles, Ray, 46, of Cockeysville, Md.

Pringle, Joe Nathan, 28, of Washington.

Saunders, Michael, 33, of Oxon Hill.

Spriggs, Mariella, 27, of Washington.

Injured Bigelow, Jeanette, of Seat Pleasant, hospitalized in good condition.

Thompson, Billy, treated and released.

Jackson, Alfred, released.

NOTE: 75 people died, all of the missing were later confirmed dead.