Washington, DC Elevator Accident, Mar 1907


Elevator Man at Lenox Dies While Collecting Waste.

Gate on Fourth Floor Sticks and in Trying to Raise It He Tumbles Through Opening.

While loading waste on the freight elevator at the Lenox apartment house, 1523 L street northwest, shortly after 10 o'clock last night, LAWRENCE B. WILLIAMS, thirty-eight years old, colored, an engineer, slipped and fell from the elevator gate on the fourth floor to the basement, and was instantly killed.

Williams was at his nightly duty of removing waste and rubbish. At the fourth floor the sliding gate stuck Raising the elevator slightly, the engineer climbed over the top of the gate, which suddenly gave way. His body shot through the opening, and he struck head first on the concrete below.

Physicians were summoned and a hurry call sent to the Emergency Hospital for their ambulance.

When the surgeons arrived they pronounced Williams dead.

The accident was reported to the police, and several patrolmen were detailed to watch the body until the coroner was notified, and ordered its removal to the morgue.

Williams lived at 817 Twenty-first street northwest, and was a trusted employe [sic] of the Lenox.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 15 Mar 1907