Washington, DC Plane Crashes On Take Off, Apr 1945


Washington, April 27 -- (AP) -- A transport plane en route from Miami, Fla. to Rochester, N. Y., crashed and burned in taking off at the national airport today killing two persons and injuring a number of others.
A civil aeronautics administration official said the plane, operated by Page Airways, was carrying 13 persons including the pilot and co-pilot.
Coroner's deputies identified the dead as:
MRS. J. WELLAN, of New York City.
RALPH WEISMAN, Forest Hills, Long Island.
Names of the injured were not immediately available.
An officer at the army dispensary at the airport said 11 persons were taken there for treatment.
Airport attaches said the plane was on a chartered flight and had stopped at the airport for fuel.

The Times Recorder Zanesville Ohio 1945-04-28