Washington, DC steamer fire, Jan 1866


Burning of the Steamer Fairfax at Washington - The Cargo Safe - The Steamer valued at $75,000.

WASHINGTON, Thursday, Jan. 4.

Soon after 12 o'clock last night, the steamship Fairfax, of the Atlantic Steamship Line, lying at G-Street whart, was discovered to be on fire in the vicinity of the boiler, and efforts were at once made to suppress the flames. This was, however, unsuccessful, as shortly after 1 o'clock the bow and stern were enveloped with fire. The presence of the steam engines gave some hope of saving at least a portion of the vessel, but how much of it is not yet ascertained.

The Farifax arrived here yesterday afternoon from New-York, and was laden with merchandise for Washington and Georgetown merchants. Fortunately all the freight had been taken off before the fire was discovered, and thus our merchants sustain no loss.

A portion of the furniture of the vessel and of the personal effects of the Captain and crew, were no doubt destroyed, although much was got off.

The vessel was one of the finest and largest in her class. She was elegantly fitted up and furnished, and was valued at $75,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 5 Jan 1866