Washington, DC Mrs. Roosevelt Escapes Yacht Accident, May 1907

Mrs. Roosevelt Narrowly Escapes Death on Yacht

Vessel Collides With Tug-Mast Crashes to Deck Clock to President’s Wife.

Washington, D.C., May 4.-Mrs. [Teddy] Roosevelt and a number of ladies accompanying her aboard the yacht Sylph narrowly escaped a serious accident as the boat reached Washington yesterday on its return from a trip down the Potomac. Through some misunderstanding the boat went past her dock and crashed into a tugboat. The shock was so severe that the flag pole of the Sylph fell to the deck with a crash narrowly missing Mrs. Roosevelt and those with her, among whom Mrs. Clifford Richardson, of New York, and Mrs. Bacon, the wife of the assistant secretary of state. None was hurt.

Mrs. Roosevelt was entertaining friends upon the yacht, having left the city at noon.

For a time following the accident there was considerable excitement aboard, but the ladies were assured there was no danger and the vessel was backed to her dock, where the party disembarked without further misadventure. Both the yacht and tugboat were damaged. The impression is that the engineer misunderstood an order to reverse his engine as one to go forward, resulting in the collision. The launch of the Sylph was badly damaged.

The captain of the Sylph was at the White House today, but for what purpose could not be ascertained.

The Bellingham Herald, Bellingham, WA 3 May 1907