Jacksonville, FL Navy Plane Crash, June 1951



Jacksonville -- (AP) -- A twin-engine Navy patrol plane crashed and burned in a marshland Thursday. Seven crewmen were killed and two were injured.
The craft, on a training flight, fell a mile and a half from an auxiliaary field along the St. Johns River between here and Green Cove Springs.
The Navy said there was nothing to indicate the caue of the crash. A witness said the ship's wheels were down as if it were coming in for a landing. It had reported no trouble.
The nine aboard were part of a squadron called to active duty from the reserve here about three months ago.
The dead:
Lt. Comdr. LESTER C. KEE, husband of Mrs. Pauline Brown Kee, Huntington, Tenn.
Lt. Comdr. L. B. WORLEY, husband of Mrs. Eve Dickinson Worley, Jacksonville, and son of Mrs. Lela Young Worley, Nashville, Tenn.
Aviation Mechanic First Class CLAIR MEEK WALIZER, husband of Mrs. Sara Walizer, Jacksonville, and son of Mrs. Emma Holt, Huntington, Pa.
Aviation Ordnance Airman TURNER EUGENE JONES, 22, husband of Mrs. Shirley Turner Jones, Brooksville, Fla.
Aviation Mechanic Third Class MILTON TROWER, husband of Mrs. Louise Elizabeth Trower, Jacksonville, and son of James D. Trower, Coral Gables, Fla.
Aviation Radioman Third Class JAMES ALEXANDER LOGWOOD, JR., 27, son of Mrs. Lurene Welch Logwood, Jacksonville.
Airman WILLIAM FRED STEWART, son of William Everett Stewart, Louisville, Ky.
Injured were Apprentice Airman JOHN DABBS BARNETT of Clifton Forge Va., and Lt. (JG) RALPH HOWELL JONES of Atlantic Beach, Fla.

Panama City News Herald Florida 1951-06-15