Destin, FL Navy Plane Crash, May 1949

Destinite Writes Of Plane Crash

By C. A. Marler

Great excitement prevailed Wednesday morning [May 4] when a Navy-type plane crashed near the home of Reddin Brunson and the pilot bailed out over the lake near the Destin post office.

The pilot landed safely in the water and was met by men and women, all anxious to render assistance from various homes in the vicinity.

Eglin Air Force base [sic] dispatched three crash boats to the scene and Lt. Commander Ross Marler, USNR, carried the pilot by rowboat out to the crash boats and they proceeded to Eglin.

Now this could have been an awful tragedy, should the plane have hit someone's house. We have deepest sympathy for the pilot, knowing he had to jump and jump fast. But still we wonder why they fly over villages or towns at 600 or 800 feet. There is so much uninhabited territory to fly over that they don't have to risk everybody's neck doing routine flying.

We are all lucky as well as the pilot, and thank God he was saved.

Playground News, Fort Walton, Florida, Thursday 05-05-1949, Volume 4, Number 14, page 10.