Lakeland, FL Plane Crashes Into Lake Overshoots Landing, Oct 1945


Lakeland, Fla. Oct. 5 (AP) -- A National Airlines plane crashed into Lake Parker after overshooting the Lakeland airport today, carrying two passengers to their deaths.
Thirteen others, including the pilot and co-pilot, were rescued by boat, crawling from the wreckage plane which was submerged in 12 feet of water in the lake.
The body of a man tentatively identified as Florida State Sen. HARRISON E. BARRINGER was recovered from the wreckage by divers several hours later. Also reported missing is MRS. E. OWEN, of Pineville, La. Divers said they saw a woman's body in the wreckage.
The ship, on a regular flight from Miami to Jacksonville, reportedly was carrying 12 passengers and three crew members when it plunged into the waters at about 1:30 a.m. Eastern standard time.
After crawling from the plane, the survivors were taken to a Lakeland hospital, suffering from cuts and bruises.
Pilot of the plane which figured in the accident was not immediately explained was Capt. WILLIAM CORRY of Miami, WILLIAM CONRAD, also of Miami, was listed as the co-pilot, and MISS CATHERINE McCOY, Jacksonville, was the stewardess.
Diving equipment was brought here from St. Petersburg and MacDill Army airfield, Tampa, to aid in the search for the two missing passengers. Only a tip of one wing was showing.
Shores of Lake Parker were crowded with onlookers as the rescue operations got under way.
National Airlines officials here said it was the line's first fatal crash since the line started operations Oct. 15, 1934.

Portsmouth Herald New Hampshire 1945-10-05