Hamilton, GA Crushed by Falling Tree, Jan 1889

Pinned To The Ground.

A Farmer Crushed to the Earth by a Falling Tree.

Hamilton, Ga., January 30. – [Special.] – Mr. T. C. GRANT, a farmer living seven miles from this place, while out in the woods cutting logs to build a house, happened to the bad misfortune to get his right leg broken below the knee. Mr. GRANT had cut a tree, and while falling lodged on some other trees, and was still on the stump, and, in attempting to get it down, the tree jumped off the stump and caught his leg, and completely mashed it to pieces, breaking the leg in several places. The unfortunate man lay pinned to the ground for two hours before assistance could be had. The tree was prized off and Mr. GRANT brought to his residence and Dr. J. W. MITCHELL was summoned and rendered the necessary attention.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 31 Jan 1889