Dalton, GA Train Accident, Aug 1908


Robert Hill, an Old Dalton Citizen, Meets Tragic Death.

Dalton, Ga., Aug. 25.---Robert Hill, owner of the Dalton Foundry and Machine works, was killed Monday morning while crawling under a Southern freight train. Both legs were completely severed from the body and death resulted soon after he was carried home.

The dead man was eighty-five years old, and has been living in this city nearly sixty years.

In going to and from his work Mr. Hill had always been in the habit of crawling beneath the cars when a train blocked his way. Soon after the accident, Mr. Hill was placed on a stretcher and carried home. While on the way he was dying and lived only a few moments after reaching his house. He was one of the best known and most respected men of Dalton.

He is survived by a widow and five children.

The Biloxi Daily Herald, Biloxi, MS 25 Aug 1908