Macon, GA Augusta Bridge Boat Accident, Nov 1883

Narrow Escape.

Yesterday afternoon a party consisting of Messrs. Ch. Huhn, Albert Munch, C. Machoid, Sol Thomas and a New York drummer, whose name we failed to get, went down the river in the steamboat Little Giant for the purpose of shooting ducks.

While at the old Augusta bridge, about 4 o'clock, the boat ran on a stump or pole and there stuck fast. It rested on the stump as on a pivot and it was only by careful balancing that it was prevented from upsetting. Every effort was made to get the boat loosened, but proved futile. At last it was decided that one of the party should swim ashore and procure assistance. Sol Thomas stripped himself and plunged in but was compelled to turn back because of failing strength. He was assisted into the boat by Mr. Machoid.

The drummer then divested himself of his outer clothing and swam to the bank. In his wet and almost nude condition, he made his way through the park to Sheftail's store on Bridge Row, and reported the situation of affairs. By this time it was between six and seven o'clock. A batteau[sic] was soon procured and carried to the scene and the parties rescued.

When Mr. Huhn came up town, he secured Mr. Charlie Munch and a block and tackle, and after some hard work go the boat off the stump. Fortunately the little steamer sustained no injuries.

The Telegraph and Messenger, Macon, GA 13 Nov 1883