Macon, GA Tornado, Jan 1885

Macon, Ga., January 13.--A cyclone passed through the adjoining county, Jones, at twelve o’clock Sunday night, sweeping everything in its track. Large oaks were twisted like straws. One large orchard was destroyed. The roof of R. D. Lester’s dwelling was a complete wreck, and no trace of a fence remains. Lester was thrown against the mantel and slightly hurt. The next place was George Perdue’s place where nearly all houses were destroyed. Corn and fodder were cleared away. The cyclone passed over to Baldwin County, destroying everything in its path. Dwelling houses, barns, fences, horses and mules were blown away. Several persons were injured but no lives lost. The noise of the cyclone was heard distinctly eight miles away.

Atchison Globe, Atchison, KS 13 Jan 1885