Atlanta, GA Kimball House Hotel Wall Collapse, Nov 1883


The Falling Walls Kill a Negro.

[Special to the Telegraph and Messenger.]

ATLANTA, November 12.---Considerable excitement was created this morning about half past seven o'clock by the falling of a portion of the walls of the Kimball House, which have been left standing since this late fire. The section was about thirty-five feet in length, extending into the alley in the rear of the Peachtree block of buildings and just in the rear of Moran's drug store. The falling mass struck and instantly killed a young negro named George Washington, and did considerable damage to Moran's drug store and the adjoining buildings. Moran was in bed in the rear of the store at the time. He was lying near a window, and made a narrow escape from death or serious injuries. His store and stock were almost wrecked at the time of the hotel fire. Coroner's inquest held rendered a verdict in accordance with facts give above.

It is rumored that the Kimball House company has already compromised a probable heavy damage suit by paying the mother of the victim $200. The company has put a force of hands on and the walls are being torn down. The Kimball people and the city authorities have been severely censured by the public for their negligence in suffering the walls to remain standing so long. -C.A.N.

The Telegraph and Messenger, Macon, GA 13 Nov 1883