Columbus, GA Train Wreck, May 1908


A Slight Freight Wreck on the Seaboard Yesterday

Yesterday morning about 6:30 o'clock as No. 121, local freight of the Seaboard Air Line, was pulling into the city, the engine and one box car left the track near the Lummus gin plant, and ran for about 50 feet on the crossties. It seems that the switch on the spur leading into the Lummus company's yard had been turned for the train to enter the yard, and when the train reached this point the engine, instead of entering the yard, mounted the rail and dropped off onto the ties, followed by the box car. Mr. Guess, the section foreman, states that he does not know who turned the switch on the spur track, but that it must have been done sometime during the night. Freights Nos. 77 and 79 were delayed somewhat by the wreck as it required some little time to pull the engine and car on the track again and repair the track. The services of three other engines were required to pull the engine of No. 121 back on the track again.

The Columbus Enquirer-Sun, Columbus, GA 21 May 1908