Atlanta, GA Train Wreck, Aug 1908


Mrs. J. P. Hornsby Was Crossing Track of Southern Railroad

While attempting to cross the tracks of the Southern road at the Atlanta Steel Company's yards about 4 miles out on the Peachtree road Mrs. J. P. Hornsby about 45 years of age sustained a very serious injury yesterday at noon. The bumper of a moving freight car knocked her under the trucks and a wheel passed over her wrist mangling the flesh and muscle of the right arm below the elbow.

Dr. Harry B. Nunnally was summoned and gave her surgical attention while the ambulance of Greenberg Bond and Bloomfield was notified. The ambulance was rushed at full speed to the scene of the accident making the trip in less than fifteen minutes. Mrs. Hornsby was removed to Wesley Memorial hospital where she is reported to have withstood the accident remarkably well and there is a chance for her immediate recovery. Fortunately no amputation was necessary as the bones were not broken.

Mrs. Hornsby resides at the corner of Piedmont and Pine streets with her husband and five children. She was carrying a pail of milk at the time of the accident.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 29 Aug 1908