Macon, GA Fires, Aug 1883

The Saturday Night Fires

The fire that occurred about 11 o'clock on Saturday night was that of two frame houses near Dr. Hammond's residence, one belonging to Wash Neal, and the other to Bart Carter, whose house was insured for $250.

The second fire, at 12 o'clock, was a frame house outhouse the city limits, in what is known as Sandy Bottom, and belonged to Mr. Jas. Devereaux. He had only a light insurance on it. A man named Stubbs moved out of the house Saturday morning, and it was unoccupied at the time of the fire.

No. 4 went out to this fire, but there was no water to be had, and of course none of the firemen could be of any service.

The first fire was caused by the overturning of a lamp. The second was the work of an incendiary.

The Telegraph and Messenger, Macon, GA 14 Aug 1883