Riggins, ID (near) Private Plane Crash, Sep 1966


Riggins, Idaho (AP) -- The bodies of five men -- including GEORGE SHAKEL, JR., brother of MRS. ROBERT F. KENNEDY -- were taken Saturday from the wreckage of a plane which crashed in the central Idaho primitive area.
The five, members of a 20-man-elk hunting party, also included DEAN F. MARKHAM of McLean, Va., a close friend of Sen. KENNEDY, D-N.Y.
The others killed were LOUIS WERNER II, an investor and member of a prominent St. Louis family; EARL RANFT, president of the Dabar Haulage Co., of Bayonne, N.J., and the pilot, DONALD ADAMS, of Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho.
SHAKEL, of Greenwich, Conn., was president of the Great Lakes Carbon Corp. of New York, which has holdings in southwest Idaho. MARKHAM was in charge of Great Lakes' Washington office.
The five were killed late Friday when their plane, loaded with hunting gear, overshot an airstrip deep in the Salmon River gorge 40 miles east of Riggins. Idaho Aeronautics Director Chet Moulton said the pilot apparently tried to make a climbing turn in a steep canyon.
The five were in one of several planes carrying the hunting party from several eastern states and California to a ranch off the Salmon River, near Crooked River.
The bodies were taken by helicopter to an airstrip downstream where an ambulance waited to return them to Boise.
A Great Lakes Carbon Corp. plane that brought many of the party to Boise from New York City Friday was to return the bodies to the East.
Sen. KENNEDY canceled a weekend political tour in New England because of the death of his brother in law.

The News And Tribune Jefferson City Missouri 1966-09-25